Galambos Trans Ltd.
Address: 9751 Vép, Kassai street 73.
GPS: N 47.24271°   E 16.72008°
Phone: +3694501594
Adószám: 12955141-2-18
Cégjegyzékszám: 18-09-105319
Banking relationship: Oberbank AG.
Bank account number: IBAN: HU67
HUF 18400010-03412992-40100021
EUR: 18400010-03412992-40101022
Swift Code: OBKLHUHB
Public tax ID number: HU 12955141


Galambos Group - in mutual ways to the future!

Accuracy, prompt work, reliable partner relations. Galambos Group – has become an outstanding operator of the logistics services market, due to the determining characteristics of the company group’s progress - is offering professional solutions to its existing and future clients.

What do we offer through our services:

  • Quality – which enables you to get to a higher level,
  • Time saving – which represents value,
  • Competitive advantage – which enables Your company as well to offer quality level services!

Galambos Group was established as Galambos Trans Ltd. was formed by transformation in 2002, then as a reaction to market demands Galambos Logistic Ltd. and Galambos Grill Ltd. were established in 2007.


Galambos Trans Ltd. - Reliable partner in the field of emergency shipment of goods

Quality, punctuality, accurate attendance. You can follow the status of your shipment from the placement of order until the execution, minute by minute. You can make your decision based on the experience and advice of transportation experts, working under professional circumstances.

Our average 2 year-old truck fleet, serviced in professional service, is equipped with the most modern online GPS vehicle tracking system. Our partners can continuously track by individual code and query online the exact status of their consignment. We overtake within a circle of 1400 km radius, the freight of goods to the place of destination, on the day following the unloading. We are presented daily in Western- and Central-Europe, mostly on the roads of Germany. Our constant consignors are Western-Hungarian leading multinational companies, whose preferences are quality, punctuality and the accurate attendance.

Our supplying partners - IVECO, Shell, T-Mobile – have been firmly standing behind, so that we could provide our transportation services at as high level as possible. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust.

We are performing our services by keeping the legal specifications. For our consigners, complete insurance of goods and liability insurance means the risk-free partner relationship. We ensure the conditions of reliability of our vehicle fleet in multi-step technical safety system, by error preventing maintenances and tests, between the warranty reviews as well.

We are overtaking:

  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Organization and execution of groupage shipment and freight distribution
  • Organization of freight and logistics services

Our decade of transportation guarantees our knowledge and understanding of our consigners needs. We are working and continuously developing the professional knowledge of our colleagues and our infrastructure, to be able to comply with the expectations in the fastest and the most accurate way.

We are really experienced in the shipment of sensitive goods: we are at the disposal of our clients with vehicles fitted with air-suspension, trucks equipped with platform lift for the performance of loading tasks, and vehicles also prepared for the transportation of hazardous (ADR) goods. We pay attention on everything, we are always at present – we are providing professional circumstances!

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